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Work is hell.

I'm not even making anything related to art or something.

I want a faster computer. I want the Wacom back.

  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Guano Apes
  • Watching: Lost
  • Playing: Tomb Raider Anniversary
  • Eating: Potato Bread
  • Drinking: Apple Juice
Aw godamn crap Jesus fucking christ.
  • Mood: Unhappy
  • Listening to: Otep
  • Playing: Max Payne 2
  • Eating: myself alive
  • Drinking: Expresso coffee
I've no longer been the whole day at the studio because i have a new job in design company here in São Paulo. I still work as an illustrator, but is not the same thing as the old job at the studio... In other words, i can't use the studio's computers and pen tablets, and i don't have a decent gear to digitally draw and paint at home. Damn.  This is why i haven't uploaded any pictures since i got out of the studio.
I need a lot of money to buy a new PC (ok, no jokes about PC and my name, please) and a wacom.
Christ, i'm craving for painting again...
  • Mood: Agony
  • Listening to: Otep
  • Reading: The Art of Krav Maga - Kobi Lichtenstein
  • Watching: Assassins Creek trailer
  • Playing: Just Cause, Max Payne 2
  • Eating: Chocolate cookies :-)
  • Drinking: Expresso coffee

I'm feeling like puke.

Fri Oct 20, 2006, 1:13 PM
  • Mood: Gloomy
  • Listening to: Silverchair
  • Reading: your thoghts.
  • Watching: the Bully game trailer.
  • Playing: I have no time for this in the moment.
  • Eating: Marshmellows.
  • Drinking: more coffee
The art of procrastination and everything that comes along with it.

I get bored, i get bored.



Thu Oct 19, 2006, 7:16 AM
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Tool
  • Reading: a random magazine
  • Watching: the Bully game trailer.
  • Playing: Still MK, getting a beat up from Baraka.
  • Eating: Nothing, I'm waiting for luch time!
  • Drinking: Coffee
There's nothing like water falling from the sky.

Rainy days are typically good looking.
The reflexes in the asphalt, umbrellas and heavy coats...
I still haven't painted any rany day scene.
Maybe today is the day.

First Update

Tue Oct 17, 2006, 9:23 AM
Let's try it.

Today is a grey day.
I don't have anything to do in the moment..

You wake up in the morning, take a dirty, wet bus and you may realize your life is meaningless.

And then you start to work in a stupid tampax ads...
You are sure your life is meaningless.

After all that, you keep repeating your routine.
You are sure your life is meaningless, and you start killing people.


I started to paint a new picture today, I'll try to post it tonight.
And then maybe I will not star killing people.

  • Mood: Angsty
  • Listening to: the air-conditioner noise
  • Reading: A Jung biography.
  • Watching: you die.
  • Playing: MK Shaolin Monks, FlatOut 2
  • Eating: Watermellon Bubblegum